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IR policy for EVRY ASA

IR policy for EVRY ASA

EVRY ASA has introduced an investor relations policy in accordance with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2017. The purpose of EVRY’s IR policy is to ensure that the company complies with the official rules and regulations relevant to financial reporting and communication in the Norwegian financial market, and that it meets market participants’ expectation to be provided with information on a timely and equal basis.

EVRY ASA is committed to open dialogue with market participants, including shareholders, investors and analysts. EVRY will apply the following principles in its reporting and all other contact with market participants:

  • All information from EVRY that is of relevance to the pricing of financing instruments issued by EVRY shall be provided to all market participants at the same time. 
  • All financial information shall be provided in English and such information shall, when it is released, be made available on EVRY’s website.  
  • Quarterly results presentations shall be delivered in English and made available as webcasts. A conference call in English will be held on the same day as the results are published. 
  • All presentations that are used in meetings and conferences attended by investors and analysts shall be produced in English, shall be published in a stock exchange announcement before being presented, and shall be made available on the investor relations website. 
  • In meetings with investors or analysts EVRY may use presentation material that is based on presentations that have previously been published, provided that the information presented does not materially differ from the earlier presentations.
  • EVRY shall operate procedures to ensure that the information investors and analysts are given orally in meetings and other forms of direct contact is the same, and is based on previously published material. 
  • EVRY’s CEO, CFO and investor relations manager are the only spokespersons approved on a regular basis as points of contact for investors and analysts. EVRY may nominate other spokespersons when undertaking special activities such as presentation roadshows and capital markets days.
  • EVRY shall not provide the market with guidance on its future performance or results, but it will publish selected financial targets for the medium to long term, and it will report on progress in relation to such targets, which it will update when relevant. 
  • EVRY shall as far as possible avoid meetings and other contact with investors and analysts for a period of 30 days prior to the publication of its quarterly accounts. The following will be closed periods:
    • From 16 January until the fourth quarter results are published 
    • From 1 April until the first quarter results are published 
    • From 1 July until the second quarter results are published 
    • From 1 October until the third quarter results are published 
  • Information on price-sensitive situations that may have an extraordinary impact on earnings will normally be published when the situation arises so as to ensure the entire market receives the information at the same time. 
  • EVRY shall refrain from commenting on rumours and speculation relating to its financial results or other price-sensitive matters.
  • EVRY shall not use social media to disseminate financial information or to contact investors or analysts.

EVRY complies with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR of 1 March 2017.

Access to this information is limited to persons resident and physically present in Finland or Norway and to authorized persons who are resident and physically present in other jurisdictions outside the United States, Australia, Canada or Japan.